You Fuel Our Field Workers: They Fuel Local Visionaries and Their Quest for a Better Life

At FTF we never forget that people are more important than plans!

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No, but really, slogans aside, who are you? Why would someone donate to your crew? I mean, really?

Why? Because we are the guys who refuse to answer the distressed call of the suffering poor with a recorded message. We fight poverty by listening carefully to the voices of those who struggle. We head into the field and share the pain so we can profoundly and pointedly participate in the cure (and that includes the cure for what ails us too. We all need healing, good giving is a two way street!).

Handing out "aid" is so yesterday. People around the world are beginning to reawaken to the idea that relationships matter more than money. Money, in fact, if given void of relationship, does damage to donor and recipient alike. (Think hubris and dependence).

We believe relationships should come first. Dostoevsky said (more or less) that one beautiful relationship could save the world. And that's what we try and do by spending 20 months living and working in some of the world's toughest neighborhoods. And we don't live like western princes, behind barbed wire moats. We iive simply, eating local foods, riding local transport, acquiring local parasites, learning the local language. Think of us as private Peace Corps if you want. That works.

Next we use the Sirolli Trinity of Management methodology and the power of the local marketplace to create opportunity and long term sustainable income for the suffering poor. We partner with brilliant local entrepreneurs and grow the pie for everyone. Think of us as angel investors- but not the kind that invest money. We invest our expertise and lots of time; all of it in fact. Think 24/7 problem solving warriors.

Okay, that part is cheesy, don't think that. We get carried away sometimes. Ugh.

Think of us as mediocre people trying to become better people.

Here are our values and promises to you, our supporters, and to the people we serve:

1. We recognize that true service demands a serious sacrifice of our time

2. We admit that we, ourselves, need help as much as any 'poor' person out there

3. We think that profound relationships are prerequisites for success

4. We refuse to beileve that poverty equals ignorance

5. We believe local people know the remedy for what ails them

6. We will learn the local language of those we serve

7. We will listen more than we talk

8. We will grow the ideas of the poor, rather than our own

9. We will martial every resource available to build great projects

10. We will start people by reimagining aid


So let's do this! Let's give beautiful people in ugly situations a real chance to help themselves, permanently, for the long term. #stopaidstartpeople!

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Your generosity reminds us to be humble!

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