First Things Offers Four Amazing Ways to Support Our Work: Journey With Us to Guatemala, Cuba, The Georgian Republic and West Africa

February 16, 2018 @ 8:00AM — December 1, 2018 @ 8:00AM

A shared value journey to unforgettable places alongside inspiring people. Don't just donate. Feed your soul!

We love where we work (check out the volcano in our backyard). We are inspired by the people we work with. Let's be inspired together. Read below and get your 7-10 day journey started today!

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The Keipi Journey by FTF is a unique way to get profoundly involved in a good cause. We are inviting you on a trip. A journey. A jaunt. Call it what you want. We say journey because we like the gravitas. Our work is a journey, and we are moved by it. We think you'll be moved too. When you travel with us you get something cool, but so do we. In the non-profit world it's called a shared value donation. You get an amazing trip with unforgettable experiences; we grow our Project Development Hubs and earn income that allows us to concentrate on our service to the forgotten poor. Shared value.

Let's get started, shall we?

Step 1: Decide Where You Want to Go.

Here's a list of the unique places we are dedicated to in 2018.

Click on a the location name below and find out more about each journey.

February 2018


The photo above is from our work in Momostenango. Thanks to Geena Pietromonaco, our media director

April 2018


The bald guy is FTF volunteer Joseph McDonald. This shot is from our site assessment in Havana. The woman on the left let us hold her falcon. So Cuba!

July 2018

The Georgian Republic

That's Ryan, FTF co-founder, at a 10th century church in Georgia. Our work there will be with Orthodox Christian nuns. They serve the Armenian minority in Georgia.

November 2018

West Africa

Doc Salsa just caught dinner! Sergio (a doctor) and Dan (an engineer) are FTF Field Workers in Sierra Leone. They work with Ebola orphans and disabled kids in a place called Waterloo.

Step 2: Check for Availability

After you find a journey that fits, you will contact us by phone and see if there's room. We'll start a conversation and get you ready to go.

Step 3: Secure Your Spot

Now that we've got things going and we've confirmed there's room, we'll secure you a seat! This step includes a link to a private donation page that reserves your spot on the bus. In addition, you will complete a Journey Form that helps us get you ready to travel. PS: Our Keipi Journey prices are crazy fair because our trips are crazy vetted by our embedded field workers. We know the landscape, the people and the best prices! Plus, a portion of your trip can be deducted come tax time. Nice.

Step 4: Keipi Journey Coordinator Time

After you have reserved your spot with a deposit, our Keipi Journey Coordinator will work with our field teams to make sure you are ready to go. Things like insurance options, visas, flights and that travel bag come with questions. At this point you are First Things royalty; people who care about what we do, people we dearly want to take care of!

Step 5: Board the Plane

...and be received on the other end by our seasoned, bilingual field workers.

So, that's the process. It's easy. We are small and we care about the small things. Don't worry; we are all in this together. Our trips are simple and unpretentious. It's the whole reason we call it a Keipi Journey. Wait. Keipi! What's that mean anyway? Well, a Keipi means table in Georgian (Republic). It's commonly used to refer to a dinner. But this isn't just any dinner. The Keipi is a celebration of human love and the simple relationships that give us life. It's a celebration of hope. We'll throw one of these Keipi dinners on our trip. It's a must! You'll love it. It's part of the Keipi Journey! So go ahead and click, read, write and call. Your decision to go on this journey helps us do our mission. You travel; we serve the forgotten poor.

On behalf of the First Things Team, I thank you for your interest in our Keipi Journeys and your desire to serve the forgotten poor.


John Heers, Director

(stateside) 239-687-6469

Event Location

Join us on a future trip in Guatemala, Cuba, Georgian Republic and Sierra Leone
FTF in Florida: 4001 Santa Barbara Blvd #412
Naples, FL 34104