Keep Students Dry in Guatemala

Help us rebuild the school roof in order to keep students dry!

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Keeping Heads Dry and Minds Sharp!

When Abraham was 15, he could neither read nor write. He was told by his father that school was not for indigenous boys; that he was meant only for work in the fields. But he did not settle for that answer. He found himself an informal teacher who taught him how to read and write twice a week by candle light. Due to his teacher's generosity, Abraham eventually graduated from high school, and went on to receive a B.S. in Psychology at university. The man never asked Abraham for money. In fact, all he ever asked was that Abraham pay it forward.

In a country where free tuition is unheard of, Abraham now offers free middle and high school classes for kids who grew up like him. His dream is to stop teaching out of the humble classroom in his house and move to a proper school with a library, computers, greenhouse, and kitchen. One day, he hopes to set up a scholarship fund to send his best and brightest students to continue their education at university.

Abraham has had more than two hundred students pass through his school in the past 15 years. To keep that number growing, we are asking that you help us replace a leaking and unsafe roof. In Guatemala it rains half the year straight during the wet season and that means grades have to be combined as the upper classroom fills with water.

Help us rebuild and reinforce the roof to keep free education going in Momostenango.

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