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Dario: a baker building a better Momostenango

Dario Revolorio is a salesman through and through. Having been a vendor to tiendas (small shops) all around Guatemala for 12 years, he understands what it takes to get people to buy: a good product and personal connection. That's why now he has his sights set on becoming a major bakery in Totonicopan.

Dario took his first steps in the baking industry 2 years ago (right around the time we met him!) when he was invited to be a partner in a small bakery. It turned into a year long experience and despite failure, would lead him to start his own: Panadari.

Everything that remained unlearned he taught himself and he spent 4 rounds of experimentation before landing on his current (secret!!) recipes. Since April, 2018 Dario has built a loyal, stable customer base and after being friends with FTF for a long time, has asked us to help him take the next step.

What is that step? A new van actually. You see Dario doesn't sell out of a shop or to stores, instead he drives out into remote areas and sells bread to those who can't always come into town; families with small children, old men and women, and everyone in between. The word is spreading and demand for his service is growing daily. Unfortunately he just can't open another route with only one van.

So what happens when that second van rolls out? 2 more employees join the crew, providing for their families. Dario can actually start saving for a 3rd van and build towards his dream: the biggest bakery in town. And people who need to eat, but can't always spend the money on traveling into town have an option to stay fed.

What isn't beautiful about that?

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