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Fundraising to Save Lives

In 2017 First Things Foundation was invited by Fr. Themistocles of Paradise 4 Kids in Sierra Leone to start our work there. As part of our support for his work, M.D. Sergio Castillo of FTF went over to try and jump-start the nascent clinics in Freetown and Waterloo that had been completed, but remains understaffed.

Since that time Sergio has managed to stabilize the Waterloo clinic and successfully start up a new clinic in Freetown. His work is legendary, He has also started training nurses and has implemented various health programs to combat malnutrition, malaria, and sanitation. However, as Sergio's time draws to a close, our deepest needs are clear: We need human beings to continue what Sergio has started.

This brings us to your friend Zannos.

Zannos is a cardiologist with a passion to serve. In May, Zannos will board a plane for West Africa. There he will meet with all the major players involved in order to bring home a plan that best fits our next phase of assistance. Zannos will help craft a human resource plan to keep both clinics open and serving the local population in need. HIs goal is to fill the gaps created by our initial success.

Your support here on this page is for Zannos and his mission to keep these clinics open. As Doc Salsa winds down his service to FTF and the people of Sierra Leone, Zannos has stepped in to assist. Help him carry the torch that Fr. Themi has lit and Sergio has kept burning since 2017.